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Colorado Spinal Injury Attorneys

Spinal Injuries are common in personal injury cases, especially in car and truck accidents. Spinal injuries can take days, weeks, months, or even years to properly diagnose and more importantly, to treat. Most personal injury cases are not settled until the client is at “maximum medical improvement,” so that a claim is not settled without knowing the full extent of a person’s injuries. Spinal injuries often involve extensive physical therapy and surgery, with additional surgeries sometimes needed. The attorneys at Fahrenholtz & Wiens, LLC help their clients understand the necessity to reach maximum medical improvement before settling their claim with an at-fault person or their insurance company.

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Any potential Personal Injury case requires a detailed understanding of the facts, the processes, and the law. If an injury has impacted your life, you will want to consult with an experienced Personal Injury attorney to see if you should pursue a lawsuit. If you have been the tragic victim of a spinal injury, call Jim Fahrenholtz and Jesse Wiens immediately to determine the next steps.

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