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The law surrounding drug offenses in Colorado has been rapidly changing. Marijuana is now legal, but has many restrictions surrounding its legal use. It is important to remember that marijuana is never legal on federal lands within the state of Colorado, which includes many of the ski resorts in Colorado.

In addition to marijuana, other drug offenses in Colorado have changed drastically. – Penalties for drug offenses have changed so that we now have drug felonies, which are distinguished from all other felonies. The penalties for these offenses are generally less serious than for other felonies of the same class. For example, while a standard Class 4 Felony carries the potential for 2 to 6 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections (presumptive range), a Drug Felony 4 carries only 6 months to 1 year in the presumptive range. Certain DF4 charges can eventually “wobble” into a misdemeanor at the successful conclusion of probation, even if convicted of the original felony charge.

Both Jesse Wiens and Jim Fahrenoholtz have vast knowledge surrounding drug charges in Colorado. Drugs seized by law enforcement agencies must be tested prior to trial, and in some cases the drug that a person thought they possessed wasn’t the drug they thought it was at all. Many drug charges stem from “inventory” searches of vehicles that are directed to be towed by law enforcement officers after a person’s arrest. The law surrounding the seizure of a person’s vehicle is currently evolving, making these “inventory” searches more restricted. If you are charged with possession or distribution of drugs, call us today so that we can help.

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