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Colorado Dog Bite Attorneys

With the growing number of people moving to our Colorado communities every day, unwanted interactions with pets is on the rise. These interactions often start with a person walking their dog off of a leash, or by a person failing to ensure that their dog is properly restrained on their property. Whatever the cause, when a person is injured by another person’s pet, that other person is often legally responsible for the harm inflicted by their animal.

Jim Fahrenholtz and Jesse Wiens have successfully represented clients who have been the victim of dog bites. Early on in his practice, Jesse Wiens helped a family file a lawsuit against a neighbor that negligently allowed their pet Pitbull to roam their neighborhood, which in turn mauled the family’s minor child’s face, leaving severe and permanent scarring. More recently, Jim Fahrenholtz helped the victim of a dog bite that left his client permanently disabled.

Not every injury caused by a dog bite results in legal action. Like most personal injury matters, there must be negligence on the part of the person responsible for the dog, an injury caused by the owner or responsible party’s negligence, and damages.

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