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Child Abuse in Colorado is charged against those people that unreasonably expose minors and children to the risk of injury or harm, and is commonly charged in circumstances where children are left alone in houses or motor vehicles at an age where their being left alone exposes them to danger. While many people have the misconception that it is only charged where direct harm is imposed upon a minor or a child, it is much more common to see this crime charged in cases where a person is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol with their children in the car, or where children are left in a running vehicle.

Being charged with Child Abuse also exposes a person to interaction with their local Department of Human Services, who can require a person to answer to allegations in Court that are unrelated to the criminal case alleging the charge of Child Abuse. Colorado also has a reporting system called Trails, where a person can be listed as having been found responsible for Child Abuse, causing issues on employment background checks even where the criminal charges to be dismissed.

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